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 VT 36 Series



36B~36CL VT-Series provides a wide boring diameter, up to 7-inches.
Rigid bed structure available up to 120-inches long.


Model Numbers

36B, 36BL, 36CL


Performance Specifications

Swing Over Bed31.5 (800)
Turning Diameter Max. 24.8 (630)
Turning Length Max.37~116 (950~2950)
X-Travel 12+1.18 (320+30)
Z-Travel39 ~117 (990~2990)
Spindle NoseA2-11 / A2-15
Thru Bar Capacity4.5 / 6.3 (115 /160)
Spindle Thru Hole 5.16 / 7.28  (131/185)
Spindle Speed Range*** 2100/1400rpm
Spindle Motor**35 / 50* hp
Tool Number 12

Units = inch(mm) *Optional accessory **30 min. rating ***The actual spindle speed will be limited to chuck manufacturer specifications.