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 VT 10 Series



10~10TM VT-Series. Performs fast and accurate small parts turning. Choice of gang tooling, turret tooling or BMT-55 live turret.

Model Numbers

10G, 10T, 10TM

Performance Specifications

Machine Model 10G10T/10TM
Swing Over Z Way13.78 (350)
Turning Diameter Max.4.72 (120)7.87 (190)
Swing Over Cross Slide4.72 (120)
Turning Length Max.  5.91 (120)8.26 (210)
XZ-Axis Travel 9.84 x 9.84 (250 x 250)6.89 x 9.25 (175 x 235)
Spindle Nose TypeA2-5
Spindle Speed Range 5,000 rpm 
Spindle Drive Motor** 7.5 hp 
Static Tooling Station 8
CNC Control Fanuc / Mitsubishi
Units = inch(mm) *Optional accessory **30 min. rating