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The PMW bridge mill provides five-face machining, 
and features a variable height (W-axis) crossrail, that allows
operator to vary spindle-to-table distance. Extend overall
work envelope height with adjustable W-axis for enhanced
five-face machining. Increasing spindle-to-table distance on conventional fixed crossrail bridge mill can compromise
spindle stability with adjustment of W-axis.
Allows for easier access to core and cavity mold 
spaces—to short
and tall work envelopes.


PMW Model

   4232     5232     6232     8232     10232

   4237     5237     6237     8237     10237

   4242     5242     6242     8242     10242


  X-Travel160 ~ 401 
  Y-Travel126 145165 
  Z-Travel35 / 43*  
  W-Axis 39 / 67*  
  Nose Taper #50
  Speed (Gear) rpm6000
  Speed (Gear) rpm8,000*
  Motor** (HP)25/30* hp
  CNC ControlFanuc 
  Unit= inch  |  *Optional accessory   |  **30 minute rating 



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