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Aerospace: Chips really fly at aerospace subcontractor

After a decade of mergers between aerospace companies such as Boeing and McDonnell Douglas, Lockheed-Martin, and Northrop-Grumman, the industry has gone through some rather significant changes. Among these are down-sizing of their work force and the trend to...   Read More


Automobiles: Indian motorcycles - On the road with Mighty

With the resurgence of motorcycles on American highways, Indian Motorcycle is on the road. The long-awaited debut of the legendary motorcycle came less than five months after the Indian Motorcycle Company secured the rights to the Indian Motorcycle trademark early in 1999. Read More...


Super-Sized Parts Machining: HEIAN and HOMMA

Specialized Machining Centers—Exclusive distribution in North America is provided by Mighty Viper. Sales - Service - Parts for Homma Machinery, and Heian Machining Centers. Read More...



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